Balcony Lot is a universe of design objects, furniture, antiques and art. We strive to deal design and arts in a more modern and personal way.
Contemporary design meets unparalleled craft of traditional furniture making. The concept and pieces are edited with an international point of view - new as established artists and world recognised designers, alongside handpicked vintage furniture, mainly from the 20th century, is curated with great understanding of storytelling.
The way the individual person understands and observe contrasts, is a lifelong and amusing task, and is why Balcony Lot was created.
The gallery creates its own story around the objects and encourage the people, who visits to feel and sense them.
Balcony Lot curate work from creatives who form and explore their field and hereby enrich the culture of art.

For any purchase contact us at de@balconylot.com

Visit us at 1stdibs.

Visit us at Kronprinsensgade 9, 1st floor, 1114 Copenhagen K (in the space of Jerome Vintage).